Full Moon Peace Spell

Full Moon Peace Spell
this spell is to gain natural energy by feeling the moons light and soaking up its positive properties by chanting a riddle in rhyme.
You will need the following items for this spell:
full moon
outside area
Casting Instructions for 'Full Moon Peace Spell'
find a small dry space of earth outside at midnight that is sacred or special to you. make sure that the moon is fully shining upon you and that there are no trees or anything else that may partially block its light from shining directly onto you. get your watch and wait for 12:00. right when it turns 12:00 midnight, put away the watch and look up to the moon and close your eyes for around 5 minutes and clear your mind, meditate, and feel the moons energy.....(you don't want to be looking at the watch during this time...there doesn't need to be any distractions at all).....feel the wind and the earth beneath you during this time. after around 5 minutes or so have passed, open your eyes but still keep your head up as you are looking directly towards the moon and chant the following calmly:
"beautiful moon above in the sky, thank you for your precious light.
i feel the wind upon my face and i feel the earth in this magickal space. i love the energy you freely give that teaches me how to kindly live. your light forever will shine bright and free, oh great full moon, blessed be...blessed be"
after chanting these words, close your eyes. look down from the moon while your eyes are closed and place your hands in front of you on the ground just a little bit apart from each other. simply take a moment to feel and grasp this sacred area of earth in which you love. then imagine the positive energy you just gained from the moonlight soak into that area of earth. keep your hands there until you feel that all of the positive energy has been directed into the earth. thank the moon for its light and energy and then go inside and be sure to go straight to sleep.

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